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Digg Director of Operations Admits Breaking Digg Rules, Tells Allsux Administrator to ‘Go Fuck Himself’


In the definitively hottest twist yet in the story of my site’s stolen content, check out an amazingly inflammatory letter from a Digg administrator that reads like he is coming down off a 3-day crack binge. This letter of response to my inquiries concerning plagiarized content on was nothing short of astonishing, using phrases like “we’re sure as shit not going to apologize” and “go fuck yourself” shortly after the administrator admits that is at fault.  For the full story see the three preceding posts. I can only imagine this guy meant to save this to his “draft” bin and sent this by accident! It’s almost hard to believe this all started with a simple humorous post about a bizarre new Google Maps function. Digg definitely sucks a lot more than Google sucks. Please take the time to read the disclaimer regarding the information presented on this site! Oh, and happy Apr1l F00l’s day – this post is completely bogus, though all other posts related to Digg on my site are fully factual (basically I was frustrated at not receiving a response/explanation for being first banned and then having my IP address blocked from – so I made up the response I figured best match what they thought when they read my letter). If you don’t believe my other posts and think ‘he can’t have been banned for this’ or ‘they wouldn’t just ignore him’ then read some of the other stories from reputable sources like Wikipedia, Wired, Problogger and Slashdot posted above.