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The First AllSux Link List with Just One Link

OK, so I have found some great links, but I think that sharing them all alongside this link would be unfair to this link. This link is, in fact, an amazing link. OK, I’ll admit it, my high opinion of this link is probably colored by the fact that I just moved to a cheaper apartment surrounded by crackheads and crack dealers. No, not kidding.

Make no mistake, I have no real problem with them – they laugh and play out in front, dealing crack and causing no real harm except some occassional pee on the stoop. To be honest, the crachheads/dealers are pretty entertaining all in all. Perhaps that’s why I found this link so incredibly, gut-wrenchingly, hilariously entertaining. Here it is.

Enjoy that? Well, you can always find more at the Best of Craigslist. No, this isn’t a sponsored post, Craigslist is free you @#$%ing idiot!

I love my readers too much for that stuff!

Play These All at Once – Offset Cheney In-the-Round

Yay! I Have an Internet Stalker!

 In case he should sue me for this, I hereby disclaim this post and avow that it is entirely my incredibly biased, subjective and stupid opinion – not fact. If I should mysteriously stop posting, assume I was murdered – or went out for a cheeseburger.

This all started a few weeks ago when someone copied a full blog post – hotlinked images and all – from a website I contribute to. I contacted him and firmly but politely asked him to remove the copied content, warning him that his actions were against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (though I didn’t even mention they were also illegal). Apparently, though framed as well as I could considering the circumstances, he took this as a personal threat. Here is my account of the interchange, though feel free to skip ahead to where I point out that he is breaking the law and I can sue his [noun removed].
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This Week on the Interwebs: Top 10 Links

(10) I really should have guessed that you can fix a scratched CD with a banana.

(9) Bear with the poor video quality, because these are some actually transforming Transformers costumes in action.

(8) A decade is a long time on the interwebs, but one of the first bloggers down under is still going strong with a one-word URL for extra style points!

(7) At the longer end of the style, class and URL length spectrum, who would have thought someone would successfully register a site named ‘Hot Chicks With Douchebags‘ and be successful with it?

(6) Sad but true: many gifted students are just ordinary.

(5) These are some strange looking animals.

(4) Here are 20 science myths you probably will kick yourself about after reading them.

 And this is why you shouldn’t try to win $1 million with a stolen credit card.

(3) How about a top secret link to the most expensive stuff selling on ebay instead?

(2) Before you go, check out these people who can lift islands and light their cigarettes off of the sun.

(1) And don’t forget to see the heated debate around convertible, portable and inflatable homeless shelters.

Unlucky 13: Worst Spam Comments Ever

Have you ever thought to yourself: wow, the spam comments on my blog are some of the funniest stuff online?!?! Well I have. For some time now I’ve been collecting the dumbest, funniest and generally most entertaining spam I receive and saving it. Please enjoy the following ranked spam comments, in order of stupidity, with customized headline introductions by yours truly:Â

(13) The Speed-Freak Drug Spammer:

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(12) The Friendly Psycho Loan Spammer:

Hi all!
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[Airline Tickets Link]
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Getting Three Stories on Digg’s Front Page: Great. Seeing ‘’ Die From Diggs: Priceless

This is really just too funny. So has a reputation for taking down sites with massive traffic loads, as it just did to WebUrbanist. However, another article currently on the front page specifically addresses load issues. The headline reads: “Traffic generated by Digg’s over 1.2 million famously info-hungry users can crash an unsuspecting website head-on into its CPU, memory, and bandwidth limits. How does Digg handle all this load?”

Irony of all ironies, this website – – itself can’t handle the Digg load. In one single move the site managed to undermine the credibility of its own domain name! Priceless.

Tuesday Blues: 7 Hilarious(ly Sad) Links

(7) Oh my, this comic is on fire!

(6) Admittedly, only sad thing about this link is that no one found this ancient fortress sooner – how do you not see something like that?

(5) Should we be surprised that God killed way more people in the Bible than his evil counterpart, Satan?

(4) Though fairly entertaining and well-developed, who has time to waste making a fake trailer for Minesweeper: The Movie.

(3) Did you know that ancient 8-Billion -year-old (er i meant million) bacteria is slowly coming out of ice melting due to climate change – and is being grown by scientists?

(2)Â I just wish that they would add Martians to the list of the 10 strangest things found in space.

(1) Topping it all off this Tuesday is the Worst. Excuse. Ever. – provided by yet another politician caught with his pants down in a public park.


(0) Here are some absolutely amazing image of the 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Postmodern World – simpy must see!

How Not to Respond to Someone Who Politely Asks You to Not to Violate Google WebMaster Guidelines and Blatantly Steal Their Website Content

It turns out it is unofficial ‘rant week’ at! Today I noticed that someone had copied and pasted an entire article from WebUrbanist (a site I contribute to and edit for) and pasted it on their blog. This included all links and images associated with the original, without any changes whatsoever. Now, Google frowns heavily upon duplicate content on the web, and often penalizes one or both sites containing extensive duplicate content. With that in mind, I contacted the site owner as politely (but firmly)Â as possible to request its removal. If you are uniterested in reading this, I recommend strongly you stop reading this … now!
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Reprinting Weird Blog Comment

 Why anyone would go to all of this trouble to post an obviously off-topic spam post is beyond me. But then again: a lot of strange things get caught in the Askimet web!


So here’s [b][url=]Heather Locklear[/url][/b] on the beach playing football, flirting, and generally acting young. And while her body is still in great shape, the signs of ageing are starting to show. Most notably in her face, where it seems she skipped her last Botox appointment (or maybe her face-lift could use a little tightening).

Sadly, she’s also showing signs of getting older in her arms and legs, where she’s starting to get a bit of that “old lady waddle.� In fact, the only place it looks as though she hasn’t aged is around her [BLEEP], which are still remarkably perky (though the reason for that is probably an easy guess.)

If you need more help making you decision, check out these [b][url=]Heather Locklear bikini pictures[/url][/b], nude [BLEEP] and [BLEEP], as well as the rest of this set after the jump.

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