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Linkalicious Love for Wednesdayz

Check out the incredible human slinky!

Possibly the only thing cooler than giants roaming the streets would be the tiny people sitting on the sidewalks … I think this could be a recipe for disaster!

I completely disagree with the assertion that Disassociated is crap, though fully appreciate the fact that the author of Disassociated himself was the one who said it! WallStreetFighter, however, IS crap … but it is incredibly entertaining, addictive and awesome crap! J/k much love to Shane!

I completely agree that the new Digg sux and concur with the many negative community reactions, and wish I had more time to spare for The Drill Down.

Up-and-coming social media, news and blogging sites of the week: Popupon, Peopleized, Picurls and Romlet. And for general lifehackery: LifeLearningToday.

Yes, these might be the coolest toilets I have ever seen. And yes, I am strange and also a fan of urban exploration pictures. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen these I recommend checking out these sets of 7 Abandoned, Deserted, Underground and Underwater Wonders of the World.

Finally, thanks as always to Mike, Jeff and Kris who help keep this show and others on the road, not to mention John who is the (One) Man.