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7 Things You Might or Might Not Want to Read

OK, so it’s been quite a few weeks and I’ve been spread pretty thin on the blogosphere. I want to know what you want to read, because honestly, I’m not sure exactly why thousands of people read this blog every single day! I’ll give you some options, and if you’re feeling bold, leave a comment with your name as a link to your website. If you’re not feeling bold, just leave an anonymous response. If you’re feeling lazy – as apparently many of my readers are – just twiddle your thumbs and laugh at me for even requesting feedback!

1) More Top Ten or Whatever Link Lists: Those seem to do pretty well overall – lots of people click the links, leave comments, etc… I suppose I should take that as a sign to keep making them!

2) More Random Images and Videos: These are also fairly successful – high comment ratio and fairly light reading if you just like skimming the interwebs for random weird stuff.

3) The Latest News on my Internet Stalker: Well, the guy won’t leave me alone, I figure there may be a few people who think it’s funny when I rant about this fact, but I’m probably wrong.

4) How I Keep Getting Posts to the Digg Front Page: That’s strangely right folks, somehow 4 of the last 6 articles I’ve submitted have hit the Digg front page. I have apparently figured out how to be a pro-Digger of sorts, and am happy to share my experience with others if people want to read about it.

5) Why Articles on Sites I Develop Keep Getting Dugg: 4 of he last 5 articles on the other blog I write for and develp have hit the front page, whether or not I submitted them – each getting 50,000 or more hits as a result, as well as secondary PR and traffic from incoming links. Want to know why?

6) Rants, Raves and Scandals: This site was founded primarily as a place to vent about random injustices on the web, from sites that rip people off to others that ban people without cause. Do you miss the good old days where I pushed the limits of the interwebs and then bashed sites when they bit back?

7) I Could Care Less What You Write: Yes, apparently there are some readers who hang on to this craptastic site no matter what it spews. Why is that? I’ll never know. Maybe it has to do with the entertaining randomness of it all, or perhaps there is truth and honesty in raw trains of thought.