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Do People Really Hate the Homeless?

Recent posts on Web Urbanist have been getting all sorts of insane comments. Some commenters on a post about creative urban homeless shelters left great and productive feedback, while others suggested things like “we round them up and put them to work digging ditches for no pay” or “Nice designs; too bad they’re wasted on the homeless.”

Is there really that much hatred for the homeless, or are these just one-off idiots who have lost their head (or have noheart)? A follow-up post received far fewer responses – because it was less controversial, or because it put those first commenters in their place? It seems hard to believe that people will possibly find the most recent post on graffiti murals as Belfast as controversial, but I guess the comments above go to show that you never know.

AllSux Lives Up to Its Name!

Well this is getting truly hilarious: a whole cadre of Stumblers is so obsessed with AllSux they’ve been posting entire threads just to discuss this site! The funny thing is: I’ve outright encouraged them to come and post their inaccurate, ridiculous, childish and hilarious opinions in comments on AllSux. They talk about doing it in their forum, even say they’ve done it and brag about it, but none of them have: I don’t moderate out trash talk (come on, this is ‘!’).

I guess they’re afraid to voice their opinions beyond their little clique of mutually-supportive morons. Likewise, the person who started this flame war has accused me of all sorts of funny and ridiculous things. What I think that they don’t understand is: this is a site dedicated to things that suck – if no one trashed it, I’d be highly disappointed! Anyway, thanks crazy Stumblers for the unasked for attention – it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Keep it coming!

UPDATE: One of the idiots messaged me saying that they had made a comment on Allsux. Now OK, I can see trying to fool their moronic friends, but hi: I moderate the comments on here, I think I’d know if someone had tried to make one! They also tried to make fun of me for ‘checking the forums’ to find their link. Are these guys computarded or what? Hi, look at the sidebar: see those fancy favicons? Those show where visitors are coming from. These guys should ‘check’ their heads. This isn’t rocket science.

UPDATE: Just when I think these guys can’t get any funnier, I get this mesages back: “However you found the forum it clearly shows you had the initiative to go and look at the link.” They then used this as the basis for an argument that I was lame for spending so much time finding/reading the forum post about this site. OK, here’s what’s funny to me about this: with the Romlet widget on the sidebar, it takes exactly one click to see an incoming source of traffic. That is exactly the same number of clicks that it takes this idiot to open their inbox each time I send them a message. What’s more: this person keeps coming back to Allsux to check for new posts about them or StumbleUpon. Let’s review: someone who is actively looking for my posts about them is criticizing me for clicking one link to a post they made about me? Whee this is fun!

President Bush: How Low Can He Go?

President Bush’s Approval Ratings

Except for a few spikes from disasters (which Bush largely botched) the President has had a steadily decreasing approval rating virtually since day one. I for one don’t buy the conspiracy theories that suggest he has orchestrated world disasters, but it isn’t hard to see how these have benefited him by slowing his steady decline. If things continue at this rate, he’ll reach zero in no time.

FOLLOWUP: Beware of Dotster Hijacking your Subdomains

Well, on the tale of learning about GoDaddy linking to porn (previous post) I found an equally appalling testimonial from someone who points out that Dotster’s user policy allows them to take your subomains and use them for advertising. Apparently, this is buried in their terms of service but allows them (if you make a mistake in setting up your subdomains) to take unused subdomains and routing them to third-party sites or posting advertisements on them.

BREAKING: GoDaddy Links to Porn

Just imagine: you reserve a website for your family-friendly business and have it parked by a trusted name in domain registration, only to find your site full of links to explicitly adult content. Well, I just discovered that GoDaddy is taking domains, parked for unsuspecting consumers, and putting porn links on their sites! In the past, GoDaddy has been criticized for everything from shady business practicies to having somewhat scandalous advertising. This, however, takes things to an entirely new level.

AllSucks Parked by GoDaddy with Porn Links

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