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I Sux, You Sux, All Sux dot Com!

What’s new, what’s new … well, OneMansBlog is getting close to John’s goal of 1,000 subscribers. The other John is still going strong an I may be able to beg, borrow or steal some of his mad design skillz. You gotta admire Tamar for sticking to her guns and sticking it to the man. Her posts are truly worth of this site, but I guess that’s not saying much :P

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the Sarah Silverman Show is just plain great. The industrious Mu has created a cool resource for Stumblers. I’ve become completely addicted to TreeHugger when I’m not on WebUrbanist. If you’re a blogger and you haven’t signed up for Romlet and/or Peopleized I’m telling you: you’re missing out!

I’ve been debating writing an intro-to-Digg article for Diggn00bs pointing out some of the veteran Diggers by ‘niche’ … think that could be an interesting read, but I’m sure to miss (an therefore piss off) some Digger or another. I’ve also been toying with writing a post about how this is the most important page on Believe it or not, that’s where the big decisions are made, which I’ll be sure to explain at some point ;) Speaking of Digg, Verge and I got a rather entertaining mention on TheDrillDown recently, though we still plan to hijack the show entirely soon.

Now for some strict entertainment. Here are some beautiful time lapse photographs and videos which should go niceley with a side of other cool art in motion. You can always count on the Best of Craiglist to provide things like the survival of the fittest M&Ms, just like you can always count on religious fanatics to barricade themselves in caves until the world ends. However, more than all of the above, you can rely on WallStreetFighter to provide you with a dose of crass offbeat humor.

Linkalicious Love for Wednesdayz

Check out the incredible human slinky!

Possibly the only thing cooler than giants roaming the streets would be the tiny people sitting on the sidewalks … I think this could be a recipe for disaster!

I completely disagree with the assertion that Disassociated is crap, though fully appreciate the fact that the author of Disassociated himself was the one who said it! WallStreetFighter, however, IS crap … but it is incredibly entertaining, addictive and awesome crap! J/k much love to Shane!

I completely agree that the new Digg sux and concur with the many negative community reactions, and wish I had more time to spare for The Drill Down.

Up-and-coming social media, news and blogging sites of the week: Popupon, Peopleized, Picurls and Romlet. And for general lifehackery: LifeLearningToday.

Yes, these might be the coolest toilets I have ever seen. And yes, I am strange and also a fan of urban exploration pictures. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen these I recommend checking out these sets of 7 Abandoned, Deserted, Underground and Underwater Wonders of the World.

Finally, thanks as always to Mike, Jeff and Kris who help keep this show and others on the road, not to mention John who is the (One) Man.

The Reader’s Choice Awards – Restickified!

After six months, it seems like a good time to do a ‘best of’ post for this site. Diggin through my Google Analytics account I was actually surprised at what turned out to be some of my top content. Instead of trying to pick out what I think is the best stuff on here, I left it up to the numbers. Without further ado, here are the most popular posts from the last half-year on All Sux dot Com:

(7) Link lists have always been a crowd-pleaser, and are a great way to brain-dump cool stuff I find online.

(6) Apparently, a great deal of people approved of my suggestion that we use that horrible Chocolate Rain video in place of other forms of torture.

(5) Some semi-offtopic posts actually do pretty well, go figure. My comparison of three sites on which to write and make money was fairly popular.

(4) They say a pictures is worth a thousand words. Sadly, this picture turned out to represent thousands of lives.

(3) I admit I occassionally play fun little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) games, particularly if I want to outrank a scammy site (like or an article I disagree with. This was one of those cases.

(2) One of my personal favorites, this rant about Conservapedia was picked up by which almost crashed this site, sending thousands of hits per hour!

(1) Sometimes simplicity is the best policy. Believe it or not, coming in at over 15,000 views, this image which requires no explanation is the most-viewed content of all time on All Sux dot Com!

I think my biggest shock in looking all of these up was the fact that most of my old content, which I remember thinking ‘wow, that got a lot of hits!’ is near the top of the pile. I guess I’m getting used to all the additional traffic, and old posts which got hundreds of hits seem small by comparison. Now I barely notice unless a post hits at least 5K (not on this site, but on other sites I write for) … am I getting jaded?

Because I’m So Lazy …

… I’m going to let John of Disassociated do my link collections for me this time! Here are some links about blogging and other nifty tips, or how some more tips about blog organization and using StumbleUpon. This collection links to the never-ending Blogger versus WordPress debate and other interesting stuff. Links links who doesn’t love links?

Today’s Theme: Fun with Photography

I’d seen this before, but Stumbled Upon it again today: how to improve your photographs with classic art. I have to say the results are downright amazing and it’s a pretty simple Photoshop process. Speaking of photography, here are some tips for how to photograph a fireworks display. Keeping with the theme, sort of, here are some sad but gripping images from Chernobyl┬ and photos of amazing photographic ‘illusions’ produced by chalked and painted sidewalk art. If I ever go idle forever, I really hope I do something like this with my domain!

This Blog has Become my Twitter

Oh my … hai effreybody! So … I guess this blog has become my random musings … after starting off as a rant blog, evolving into a humor blog, devolving back to a rant blog, it is back at square one. For anyone who has been tuned in: things are kind of settling back out in my life … ran into some big things all at once. It has definitely been a roller coaster … some things are going great, others have been suffering, but it’s all about the balance. Anywho, I’d like to apologize to anyone who I’ve been ignoring, etc… I still love all mai readerz and kewl bloggers I’ve just been sucked into a few particular projects and have also been trying to pull back from other things to get stuff done. Anywho, hai effreybody!

Unexpected Personal Issues Suck

Sometimes life just sneaks up, jumps on you and beats you down with a spork. I realize this is a ‘personal’ weblog and I could blog about what is going on right now, but I’m not even sure I’ve sorted through my own emotional reactions to it yet. Needless to say, my life was already in transition (from grad school to job searching) and something pretty significant just happened in my personal life. I suppose there’s no good time for random things like this to crop up and punch you in the gut, but right now seems a particularly bad time. Ces la vie, more soon maybe.

Unsolicited Praise: The Real Best Form of Flattery

They say that “imitation is the best form of flattery,” but I happen to believe that unsolicited praise is. Those of you who blog know that it is great to get your site or a site you work on reviewed. What could be better than a review in general, other than┬ an in-depth review by a blogger you only recently found out about? Allsux has been reviewed in the past, as has Web Urbanist, but rarely in such great detail and with so many positive comments as a recent (unsolicited!) review by Individuals at Home.

This kind of review is a great reminder to bloggers who wonder about their readers – why so few comments? Does anyone really care about this stuff? Sometimes it is those who you know the least who are the biggest supporters of a site you slave over. It is reviews by savvy bloggers with excellent content that remind me that blogging is worthwhile. In turn, reviewing a blog is a way to say thanks as well as an excellent way to introduce your blog to others!

Struggling to go Semi-AFK

So I’ve been working a bit toward slowing down on blogging in order to wrap up some real-life projects that need attention. I’ll be posting a bit less here and in a few other places, but I won’t leave you hanging! Regular readers know I like to hand out link love now again, but tend to link some folksmore than others – bloggers I have known for quite a while, worked with, been helped by, helped┬ and so on. Don’t be shy: speak up if I forgot someone!

Today, I’d like to thank John for his interview regarding Romlet and his continued support of the widget as well as his early adoption of it! I’d also suggest checking out Tamar‘s blog, particularly the most recent article regarding problems with Digg. Muhammad is really ramping up his new main site with a vengeance – check it out┬ his interview with the creator of Digpicz.┬ ┬ ┬ Be sure to dig deep into Webomatica, you may find some old but applicable articles that are well worth reading. Andy has some great tips for bloggers, and has been helping me come up with monetization strategies for some of the sites I work on via e-mail┬ – thanks Andy, hopefully my blogs get to the point where they can at least pay for their own hosting soon!

Finally, I just recently came across OneMansBlog – a really neat site about, well, everything. I have to admit I have a personal soft spot for blogs that don’t try to niche themselves too much. I recommend looking at the ‘top content’ widget on the right for some interesting stuff! Update: I also just came across a contest on OMB. Normally I don’t really go in for contests (this may be my first), but this one is pretty straightforward: link to OMB (I was doing that already!) and subcribe to the feed via email (that too!).

Since I might be away for a few days or longer, and posting just a few times a week tops, I wanted to┬ make sure this top content roundup stays somewhat sticky┬ – if you’re bored it might be fun to browse ;)

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